About GlobEx Markets

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History of GlobEx Markets

Established in 2015, GlobEx Markets Ltd. is a New York registered corporation. Its global headquarters is located on Wall Street, which is in the heart of the Financial District in New York City. GlobEx Markets was founded by Michael J Defosse, who brings more than 30 years of experience as an investment and risk-management professional.

The primary goal was to create an online platform to help educate and support professional and non-professional investors as it relates to global investing, based upon three principles. These three founding principles of GlobEx Markets are Knowledge, Access and Opportunity.

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Global Events Create Investment Opportunities

Global events occur every day that trigger investment opportunities but the window of opportunity can often be very short. A geopolitical situation, a change in interest rates by a Central Bank, a military action or a major weather catastrophe are all events that can disrupt markets globally.

When these events occur, acting quickly is important but in addition, an investor must understand how to interpret the information, what investment options are available and how to maximize profit from the event. The key to making profitable investment decisions and maximizing profit is knowledge.

Major advancements in technology have made it easier to learn about global investment opportunities in different markets but the information can often be fragmented and lacking depth.

Value of GlobEx Markets

GlobEx Markets is an investment resource that helps new investors, seasoned investors, investment professionals and all others who are interested in global financial markets and stock markets to gather the knowledge needed to make sound investment decisions.

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Financial Education

Research and focused learning are the foundation for investment knowledge and successful investing, especially as it applies to international investing. All global markets have opportunities but you need to understand that market.

To better understand and effectively apply various trading methods and investing skills, including company research, market analysis, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, trading strategies and prudent investment decision-making, it is necessary to have a fundamental proficiency of financial principles, investment strategies, economic indicators and investment terminology.

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International Investing

One of the key benefits of international investing is the reduction of risk through diversification. Since global financial markets are not perfectly correlated, investing in a combination or portfolio of securities from different markets and countries can help to decrease the volatility of a portfolio.

If some parts of a global portfolio are performing poorly, other parts may be performing well. Global investing can provide the right balance between risk tolerance and investing goals.

GlobEx Markets Vision

The GlobEx Markets vision is to become a trusted and valued investment resource as well a respected leader in the delivery of a global financial education for the purpose of greater market transparency and understanding.

GlobEx Markets Mission

The GlobEx Markets mission is to deliver a fundamental investment education through knowledge resources and market transparency to help investors, investment professionals and all others to better understand global opportunities and international investing.

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