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Why Invest Internationally

While searching for investment opportunities in your local market often makes sense, it is not the only place to look. Risk is best hedged when a portfolio has diversification and investing internationally can help you to reduce risk and maximize returns.

Global events trigger investment opportunities each day but without key financial knowledge or access to trading in the local investment markets, we risk not finding the opportunity or we trade it too late. Global investing offers diversification and introduces you to many quality opportunities outside of your local reach.

GlobEx Markets is an investment guide and tool that provides the financial knowledge, the trading access and the opportunities that will allow you to take advantage of global events and other tradeable situations.

Discover Investment Opportunities

Our online investment guide is divided into 3 main sections: Exchanges, Brokers and Resources for ease of use.

In our Exchanges section, we list global exchanges by their region, country and exchange type near the bottom of the Exchanges page. To better identify the exchanges, you will find stock markets, derivative markets and commodity markets listed on the country specific pages. As you visit each exchange, you will learn more about their history, the products offered and the securities traded.

Can my Broker Trade on Foreign Exchanges

Globally, securities and commodities trading is highly regulated and each exchange has rules and regulations as to who can offer trading services.

The Brokers section will list investment firms, brokerages and trading platforms, which are authorized to trade securities on the local exchanges, near the bottom of the Brokers page.

Research Stocks and other Securities

While there are many tools to research stocks, we have broken down our information into 4 key areas: Country Economics, Regulatory Environment, Research and Financial Literacy.

In our Resources section, we connect you to Central Banks, for learning about local economic conditions; to Regulatory Agencies, for a better understanding of the local regulations and protections; to Research, for finding the right trading ideas and to a comprehensive global Glossary of financial terms and phrases, which enhances your knowledge on the language of finance and investment. Lastly, you will find GlobEx Markets Blog, which enhances your knowledge through articles on global finance, investment and risk management.

Each resource provides you with more learning tools to better understand the global markets and their opportunities.

Why GlobEx Markets

Our alpha capture platform is not a traditional platform. While it enables investment institutions, analysts and other individuals the ability to submit global research and trading ideas with free distribution to the general public, our website also offers resources that you would not see on traditional venues.

Access to our website is free and it offers access to valuable investment research that you will find on global opportunities and exchanges, country specific economic intelligence and resources to find a local broker, which will help you to be able to trade on a local exchange. We view this as an enhanced experience and benefit.

History of GlobEx Markets

While GlobEx Markets was incorporated in 2014, the vision and the dream began more than 10 years earlier when the founder of GlobEx Markets was a graduate student at Syracuse University.

As part of a research project on financial markets, Michael J Defosse learned that there were limited resources available for a comprehensive listing of global stock exchanges. He began to compile a database with information that he discovered during his research. This quickly grew to include derivative exchanges and commodity exchanges.

Once the initial database was completed, the vision and dream of GlobEx Markets became evident. The database expanded to include financial data, investment research and broker access for all exchanges. This further developed into a website with founding principles of knowledge, access and opportunity.

Built to function as an alpha capture platform for investors, GlobEx Markets does much more by recognizing and supporting all the exchanges, large and small, and their local investment opportunities.

Knowledge is the Key

Whether you are seeking new investment ideas, an investment hedge or if you are simply trying to better understand financial strategies and concepts, GlobEx Markets opens up the world of opportunity for everyone.

Important Features and Benefits

  • Access to global stock, bond, option, future and commodity exchanges
  • Resources to learn about trading in foreign markets
  • Investment Strategies
  • Information and research on investment and hedging opportunities
  • Discovery of brokers authorized to trade on global exchanges
  • Exchange news and headlines

More Features

In 2017, stock indices around the world surged, as indiated below, and optimism is still strong for 2018 but the question remains as to whether bubbles are beginning to form in certain segments. Many good opportunities will be available in 2018 but knowledge will reward those that seek it.

Sources: WSJ; SIX Financial

Hang Seng (Hong Kong)


IPSA (Chile)


Nasdaq Composite (United States)


S&P BSE Sensex (India)


Bovespa (Brazil)


Dow Jones Industrial Average (United States)


Kospi Composite (South Korea)

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GlobEx Markets will become the leading website to connect global investment opportunities with trading venues to trade these opportunities while performing as an alpha capture platform, offering research providers a distribution source that also allows them to be recognized for their research work.
GlobEx Markets provides global investors, investment professionals, institutions and other parties with the knowledge and the access to investment and hedging opportunities around the world.
Our global exchange platform guides users as they discover and research global opportunities. GlobEx Markets is also a tool for individuals to locate brokers and trading platforms to execute trades in foreign markets.
Investors, Investment Professionals, Institutions, Risk Managers, Students and others that are interested in global business and investment opportunities will benefit from the knowledge and the access provided by GlobEx Markets.
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