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The Need for Advertisers on GlobEx Markets

GlobEx Markets is committed to providing the best content for its viewers. Accepting funds for advertising or sponsored content allows GlobEx Markets the opportunity to expand our content, resources, staff and services that support our audience and our Founding Principle of Knowledge, Access & Opportunity.

While our advertising relationships are important to us, we will not comprise the integrity of our brand with advertising content that is counter to our principles or our viewers benefit.

Our advertisers are responsible for the content of their advertisements and the advertising must comply with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.

Why Advertise on GlobEx Markets

Digital-based advertising sales will become the No.1 media category in 2017, reaching a market share of 40% of all advertising.

Investing, financial information and financial services combine to form one of the largest market segments in advertising that is of interest to the global population.

Our tools, resources and services appeal to and reach out to a diverse and global financial community.

Who is our Audience

Our audience is global investors, investment professionals, financial institutions, public companies, risk managers, business students and others that are interested in global investing and risk management.

Who Benefits from Advertising

Many companies will benefit from advertising on GlobEx Markets but we expect those who will benefit the most are brokers, trading platforms, investment firms, public companies and other companies that provide services to investors and businesses.

How Long Must I Advertise

Dependent upon the available space on a page, we can accept a 1 month advertisement or announcement request. Longer term commitments are available at a discounted rate.

We limit the number of advertisements on each page for the benefit of our advertisers and our followers.

What Currency do you Accept

While the US dollar is our primary currency, we are willing to accept most currencies, including cryptocurrency, for your advertisements. Your currency preference must be discussed upfront so that we can confirm acceptance and, if needed, the conversion cost.

Who do I Contact for Advertising Inquiries

To learn more the about advertising opportunities at GlobEx Markets, please contact us at

  • Wall Street Journal
  • Financial Times
  • Bloomberg
  • Nikkei Asian Review
  • Reuters