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The Language of Global Finance

There is a reason that many global exchanges have a glossary of terms on their webpage. It would make life easy if all country's and exchanges used the same financial terms and phrases but with regional, cultural and product differences, this is not always the case.

Understanding the language of global finance will provide you with a competitive advantage for investing internationally and it will increase the number of products, strategies and opportunities for you to consider.

Importance of Global Finance Terms and Phrases

To better understand a country or a culture, we learn the local language. It allows us to communicate and be more effective in commerce and business transactions in that country.

With finance, it is the same. It is a global language that can help us to better understand and make better decisions with investing internationally. Different markets have local terms and phrases that are important to understand.

Our Global Finance Terms and Phrases

GlobEx Markets has created an extensive listing of global finance terms and phrases. The terms that we have collected and compiled range from securities, derivatives and commodities to foreign products and Islamic finance.

Since the universe of financial terms is large, GlobEx Markets has built 3 publications of terms and phrases for 3 specific areas of finance. The first publication, "The Language of Global Finance: Stocks, Bonds and Investments", has more than 1,400 terms and phrases that are focused upon stocks, bonds and investments.

The second publication, "The Language of Global Finance: Options, Futures and Commodities", has more than 900 terms and phrases that are focused upon options, futures and commodities. The third publication of the series, "The Language of Global Finance: Islamic Finance", focuses on the specialized field of Islamic Finance.

Knowledge is the Key

The most successful investors and risk managers use every tool at their disposal, which includes the understanding and the use of global finance terms and phrases. GlobEx Markets publications will improve your knowledge and understanding of global finance.

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