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Stock Exchanges

Official Website: Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) - PT Bursa Efek Indonesia

The first stock exchange in Indonesia was established in December 1912 in Batavia (now Jakarta) during the Dutch colonial era. At that time, the exchange was established for the interest of the Dutch East Indies (VOC). The Batavia Stock Exchange ceased operations during World War I and World War II. Between the wars, two new exchanges were established in Semarang and Surabaya.

Ater another period of inactivity between 1956 and 1977, the Batavia Stock Echange emerged as the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX). Up through 1987, there were only 24 listed companies. After a period of deregulation, activity on the JSX improved. On July 13, 1992, the JSX was privatized. This is also the date recogized as the anniversary of the exchange.

In 1995, the Indonesia Pararel Bourse was merged into the Surabaya Stock Exchange and in 2007, the Surabaya Stock Exchange merged into the Jakarta Stock Exchange, which formed the current Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

Derivative Exchanges

Official Website: Indonesian Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (ICDX)

The ever increasing flow of funds into Asia combined with the continued increase in the global demand for commodity products, in particular the demand for accessing Indonesian commodities, has contributed to the formation of a new internationally recognized trading venue in Indonesia, which is the the Indonesian Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (ICDX).

With abundant natural resources and home to some of the world's the largest producers of prime commodities the ICDX exists to serve the underlying regional economic interest as the global trading hub for numerous indigenous commodities including crude palm oil (CPO), olein, tin and gold.

The ICDX is the world’s most liquid offshore market for the benchmark equity indices of Indonesia and ASEAN.

Official Website: Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX)

The Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX), established on August 19, 1999, is the first futures exchange in Indonesia.

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