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Official Website: Montevideo Stock Exchange - Bolsa de Valores de Montevideo (BVM)

The history of the exchange began when the Sociedad Bolsa Montevideana was created in 1867. Two business bodies were created in which one represented the interests of commerce and the other, the Brokers Commission, regulating the activity from both.

In 1921, the Commission became a civil non-profitable association, which worked as a stock trading and brokers guild. In 1952, the Commission was renamed the Stock Exchange. In 1997, the stock market was separated from the Stock Exchange and in 2004, it adopted its current name of the Montevideo Stock Exchange.

Official Website: Electronic Securities Exchange of Uruguay - Bolsa Electrónica de Valores del Uruguay (BEVSA)

The Bolsa Electrónica de Valores del Uruguay S.A. (BEVSA) or Electronic Securities Exchange of Uruguay was established on January 15, 1993. It began operations on September 5, 1994 with 26 public and private financial institutions to trade and settle financial transactions.

The BEVSA is made up of three markets, which are the Exchange Market, the Money Market and the Securities Market. The Exchange Market is a market for forward transactions and currency swaps. The Money Market is for interbank loans traded in foreign and domestic currency. The Securities Market is for stocks, corporate bonds, Government bonds, derivatives and other securities.

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