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Official Website: Santiago Exchange - Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago

The Santiago Stock Exchange was founded on November 27, 1893 with total capital of 50,000 pesos (50 shares). Many of the early companies that traded on the exchange were related to mining. As trading activity increased, there was a need for a larger structure to be built. The exchange building that is still is use today began contruction in 1913 and was inauguarted on Christmas day in 1917.

In 1958, the General Stock Price Index (IGPA) was created, which included almost all listed shares. In 1977, the Selective Stock Price Index (IPSA) was created, which consisted of the 40 stocks with the highest market presence.

Official Website: Valparaiso Stock Exchange - Bolsa de Valores de Valparaiso

The origin of the exchange dates back to 1892 when a group of brokers formed a location for trade. It was formally established as the Valparaiso Stock Exchange in 1898 with total capital of 60,000 pesos (60 shares). It is recognized as the oldest exchange in Chile.

Official Website: Chilean Electronic Stock Exchange - Bolsa Electrónica de Chile (BEC)

The Chilean Electronic Stock Exchange (BEC) began operations on November 2, 1989, becoming the first institution in Latin America to implement an electronic real-time transactions system. It was created by securities dealers and banks to satisfy the need for greater competitiveness and fewer restrictions.

In November 1999, the BEC launched the country's first stock exchange website, which reported stock price movement and financial market data in real-time, giving greater accessibility to the general public of the daily events in the country.

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